Sunday, July 5, 2015

Overstep Game

Here are some test artworks for a game called Overstep.

I used different methods and there are some CC licensed pictures involved while for other pictures I used custom brushes which I created from the ref given by the Project Lead.

They actually planned on giving feedback after the first set of thumbnails but instead they changed the deadlines and I created more. Then they said we can do whatever we want because it would be too much to ask.

The initial plan was to work in teams, then to create thumbs and do detail paintings and one final environment in birds view... but since we mostly spent our time on waiting for that feedback I bombarded them with thumbnails.

Towards the end I changed my methods cause my competitors started doing what I did.

I then started merging my ideas and had like one day and night for polishing. I picked 2 images (3 in the beginning). The desert shot works very well with the OST which you can find on their website and on Youtube while the other one just looked good and had some great ideas for enviro. Could also work as a detail shot for the desert somewhere in the background just with another time of day and therefore light situation.....

I used textures which were created by another guy who made the art test for Texture Artist.

CC credits:
Roger W, Umberto Salvagnin, Raj Boora, Dumb Scientist, Umberto Rotundo, Andreas.,  Pawel Pacholec, Simon Mayson, Moik, Joel Kramer, OARER, Mark Engelbrecht, Wolfgang Staudt, John Atherton, Andreas brandmaier, Grand Canyon National Parks Photsostream, Sander Hogendoorn, Wonderlane, Wolfgang Staudt, Richie Diesterheft, Ioran, Shizoform, Wlodi, Andrew Parnel, Lane Pearman, Carloss Reusser Monsalvez, Brian Snelson, John Fowler, Cardliff Potter, Edwad Musiak

If you wonder what I did with all the images and if all I did was photobashing let me know and I will upload a video or 2. I recorded it for my students at SAE Institute.... I also used some of my own photos and texures, lots of brushes and a tool called Carpace.