my Name is Daniel and if you are reading this you want to find out more about me as a potential partner in business or as an educator.


If you would like to see videos of how I work and how I teach art to my students go to my Youtube channel.

Educational Resources

For my students and anyone interested I have a page where I gather all the info I teach nowadays.


Concept Art and Illustration


Characters and Creatures:

Props and Vehicles:

Designs and Interfaces

Art Direction

For prices, artwork I cannot talk about online and further info please send me a mail to d.thiele.hh(at)gmail(dot)com

Software I used

I have knowledge in Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, UnrealEd, Unity, Maya, 3DsMax, SketchUp, ZBrush, InDesign, Blender, Dreamweaver, Inkscape, Paint.Net, Premiere...... as well as MS Office and Project Management Tools like Jira, Manthis, etc.

Resume and References

If you are interested in my CV here is my LinkedIn Profile:

I have specialized in 2D but I have a strong background in 3d and Level Design as well. Many people seem to ask about it but I am really doing 2D at this point. Concept Art, Illustration and UI however I do use 3D tools in my artworks to make it better and quicker.

I also do some effects sometimes but mostly because clients ask for it. I am not doing complex character animations because I thing this is a whole new field of study and I have learned the basics and I did rigging and animations for characters and creatures for my university projects but I did not specialize in it.


Daniel Thiele
B.Sc. (Media Systems), M.A. (Sound - Vision - Games)

VAT ID NUMBER: DE308808745

Herzebrocker Str. 58a
33330 G├╝tersloh

Mail  danielthieleproject(at)gmail(dot)com
Cell: +49 - 152 08 50 32 47