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 Basic Drawing, Tools and Terminology

PDF: Tools and Techniques
PDF: Theory

VIDEO: Practical Introduction
VIDEO: Drawing Tools 

VIDEO: Feng Zhu - Traditional Media
VIDEO: How to Get better at Drawing
VIDEO: How To Hold a Pencil
VIDEO: Proko Drawing Basics 
ARTICLE: Wether You Make It Or Not
VIDEO: Your Comeptitors
VIDEO: Developing the Eye
LINK: Your Competitors 2

PDF: Drawing in Style
ARTICLE: Maltechniken 

VIDEO: Improving Draftsmanship
BOOK: How To Draw
VIDEO: Visual Library
ARTICLE: Drawing Ellipses 


VIDEO: DProject Fable Black And White Thumbnails

VIDEO: Iterative Drawing
VIDEO: Feng Zhu The Importance of Thumbnails 


PDF: Lecture Notes

VIDEO: Blender Guru Understanding Composition
ARTICLE: Phil Straub Composition
VIDEO: Feng Zhu Shot Setup

Still Life Drawing

VIDEO: Still Life Drawing
VIDEO: Noah Bradley Master Study
VIDEO: Feng Zhu: Studies
VIDEO: Making things look 3D

Light and Color 

PDF: Lecture Notes Practical Light and Color 
PDF: Lecture Notes Color Theory
VIDEO: DProject From Grey To Color
VIDEO: DProject Rendering
VIDEO: DProject Material Studies

VIDEO: Proko: Putting Light On Form
VIDEO: Feng Zhu From Line To Color
VIDEO: Blender Guru Understanding Color
TOOL: Paletton 


PDF: Lecture Notes
VIDEO: Perspective 1
VIDEO: Perspective 2 

VIDEO: Drawing Shadowns in Perspective
WORKSHOP: Perspective
BOOK: Perspective by Scott Robertson
WORKSHOP: Basic Perspective Form Drawing 
WORKSHOP: Carl Dobsky Perspective Intro
VIDEO: Origins of Perspective
VIDEO: Perspective Tools

Figure Drawing

PDF: Lecture Notes

VIDEO: Anatomy Playlist requires Password!

VIDEO: Secrets of the Mona Lisa


VIDEO: How To Get Better

VIDEO: Proko Anatomy For Artists Playlist
WORKSHOP: Riven Phoenix Complete Fuigure Drawing Course

Technical Drawing

PDF: Old School Technical Drawing Course
PDF: Technical Drawing Presentation Handout
PDF: Technical Drawing Specifications Resource

VIDEO: FZD Camera Placement

VIDEO: FZD Field of View in Games

Techniques in Concept Art

TOOL: Perspective Path
TOOL: EPIC Games Carpace
TOOL: Photoshop CS2 for free? 
TOOL: Sketchup
TOOL: ALchemy

VIDEOS: Character Design
VIDEOS: Environments
VIDEO: Creative Shrimp Alchemy Tutorial

VIDEO: Polybrush Introduction

WORKSHOP: David Levy From Speedpainting To Concept Art

VIDEO: Line Weight

VIDEO: Working with Silhouettes

Industrial Design

Link: Principles of Product Design
Link: Fundamental Challenge of Product Design
PDF: Overview Industrial DesignPath of Study
PDF: Fundamentals of Industrial Design 

VIDEO: Basics of Product Desing
PLAYLIST: Product Design

PICTURE: Crytek Character Design
VIDEO: Creating Worlds
VIDEO: Entertainment Design VS Illustration
VIDEO: Entertainment Design VS Illustration 2
VIDEO: Designing to Spec
VIDEO: Playing With Scale
VIDEO: Applying Reskin

WORKSHOP: Character Design Pipeline


Link: The Art of Storyboarding

Additional Info

PDF: Daniel Thiele Concept Design am Beispiel erklärt
VIDEO: Fractals 
VIDEO: How Your Brain Creates Reality
VIDEO: (Concept Art is not) Conceptual Art 
LINK: More Resources