Thursday, July 16, 2015

Website Changes - Updates, Videos, Sketches

In the upcoming days and weeks I will  try to add some videos to my Youtube channel and incorporate a new section to this website called "Sketches".

Here is why.

Since I do a lot of speedpaintings which get more than 100 likes on Facebook I figured there might be some interesting stuff with unique ideas. Of course 30 min paintings are not really portfolio worthy.

However many of my clients want me to draw sketches in order to generate ideas.

For my students at the SAE I created some process videos.

Some clients start asking questions on how I work.

For now they will be without voice since they are for free and I talk about what I do in there at the Institute.... If you want me to do that and explain it to you you can either become a student or just write me a message or comment.

I spent a lot of time recently into the basics of drawing and painting humans, perspective and so on... I learned some new approaches and it might be kinda cool to see what's happening behind the scenes of this portfolio. :)

Stay tuned.