Friday, July 15, 2016

New Effects - Edge Adversaries

Many of my clients (long term) who are in the gaming field ask me for effects. So here are some handcrafted effects for you.

The game these are made for is called Edge Adversaries and it is a Beat Em Up with antropomorphoids fighting each other in a somewhat futuristic world I believe.. The style is Anime like and I think the Developer is still working on that. We have several artists and they all have their own style and when I started I got no direction to make it look like anime but like something different. I am responsible for the UI ...and effects.

He is currently investing a ton of money into polishing the effects. We were going to set up a more simplistic prototype but after receiving some feedback we are polishing things up quite a bit. I spent several days into creating the effects now and I hope that it works out for him.

The hardest part was that he wanted only 4 frames for some animations and blend them together in his engine later.

 Wow, you have no idea how hard it is to get these image set up in one row. Basically not at all! So I keep it like that. :)